Collectienummer: 067088 Gebruikt: Binnenlandse veiligheid
Typenaam: Brodie Mark II nr.2 Kleur: matgroen
Land herkomst Engeland Materiaal: staal
Land gebruikt: Engeland Inscripties: BMB 1940
Periode gebruikt: 1940 > Bijzonderheden: origineel
This is an original helmet that bears the indented stamp of what appears to be ‘?MB 1940’. This is probably BMB = Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd of Dagenham who manufactured Brodie helmets 1939 – 1943. I believe it to be a Mark II No. 2 model, but I’m no expert. In original green colour. Outside of helmet is generally in good condition but where it is scratched has slightly rusted. Inside of helmet is also slightly rusted but only on parts of the wide rim ). Extreme edge of the rim seems to have a corrosion-resistant band. There are three holes in the rim on each side, near to where the chin-strap is secured (Photo 4). That indicated this helmet was made of mild steel it was not fit for combat use but was suitable only for Civil or Home Front Services. Canvas chinstrap with two integral springs on each side. Black treated canvas liner. Internal rubber head-cross with adjacent label showing ‘7 ¼’ (probably the size in inches).