Collectienummer: niet in collectie Gebruikt: leger
Typenaam: brodie Kleur: groen
Land herkomst Zuid Afrika Materiaal: staal
Land gebruikt: Zuid Afrika Inscripties:  
Periode gebruikt: 1939 > Bijzonderheden: kopie Engelse Brodie
Brodie helmet, Steel, Mark II: like the other Dominions in the Second World War, South Africa began to produce copies of the Mark II helmet when they became unobtainable from the United Kingdom. Manufactured by the Transvaal Steel Pressing Syndicate, some one and a half million helmets were produced. Unlike the British Mark II and other copies, the plan of the South African helmets was almost circular rather than oval. Another distinguishing feature was three small holes punched into the rear section of the brim, probably intended to allow the fitting of a neck curtain in hot climates. Surplus South African helmets were supplied to other Allied armies.